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Mission and Values

Welcome Home Curls


My Mission

My mission is to help curly hair people embrace their curls and feel confidant with easy hair care routine, through use of water soluble, plant based, natural, certified organic products that are not only healthy for the hair, but healthy for the body as well. Continuing education on cutting curly hair allows me to be  creative, artistic and imaginative, giving you the most unique design that best suits you. Because Love is in the hair!


My Craft

Helping curly hair people to accept their natural beauty,   in order for curls to thrive, they need to be respected, and treated like curls, and not like straight hair. 

While its true hair is hair, you cannot take the same approach to cutting and styling curly hair as you would with straight hair. Like a succulent and a cactus, both are plants, but with different needs and requirements. Remember, hair is nature too! 

The dry curl cutting is the foundation to a great curl style, by helping to enhance the curl, and water or hydration is the most important thing you can give to curls. Everything I teach is to help add and maintain moisture in the hair so the curls can thrive as much as possible!


The Salon

For my salon guest, a relaxing environment, curl education and use of clean, natural, certified organic, plant based products is a priority for every visit! Creating a healthy, safe environment for curls is my passion. Embracing the natural beauty of curls, not conforming or trying to change them, but helping others love their curls just the way it is! I've designed my studio suite salon experience in a way that will leave you feeling empowered, uplifted, confident and more knowledgeable about caring for your curls than you've ever felt before . I believe in making sure you know the "WHY" of what your doin to your hair and the "HOW". You will leave with excitement, knowledge, and even an extra bounce in your step as you walk out  to your car!

Salon Tour

(Pictures coming soon)

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