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The Curl Salon Story

 Fall in love with your curls!

I help curly hair people embrace their curls with easy hair care routine

Curly Hair Stylist

Visit Curl Life Salon For the BEST Curly Hair Stylist in Minnesota!

Naturally curly hair can be as beautiful as it is frustrating. Most people don't realize it, but those luscious curly locks that you see on television don't prepare themselves! For individuals with natural and curly hair, finding support and education from a curly hair stylist can make all the difference in the world.

Curl Life Salon, located inside Salons by JC, is a curly hair salon based out of Waite Park, Minnesota. Established by Tracy Kurtz and certified with training under Lorraine Massey, and many other top curl educators in the country, Curl Life Salon seeks to provide the ultimate curly hair services to clients throughout the region.
Let's take some time to look at a few ways that our favorite curly hair salon can help rejuvenate and refresh our appearance!

Custom Curls Enjoyed YOUR Way

Tracy Kurtz is a Curl by Curl Certified hair stylist with experience in several areas of the industry. After having spent years dedicated to curl classes and the latest industry trends, Tracy is proud to offer custom cuts to all of her returning clients. With a focus on education as well as high-quality service, Tracy endeavors to make your appointment as revitalizing as it is enlightening.

Cutting curly hair can be a horror story in the making but when you work with Curl Life Salon, you'll quickly find that isn't the case. Instead, guests at Curl Life Salon will get to enjoy the following benefits!


  • Custom Curl Cuts — Dry curl cutting is a great way to get an accurate cut that fits your expectations. After undergoing your initial session, you can request custom curl cuts going forward. Remove the guesswork out of your hair while making your life easier!

  • Curl-focused Products — Take a moment to visit the curly hair salon store, and you'll find a selection of the best curl-related hair products on the market. Control your flow with Innersense Organic Beauty or Cult +King  products!

Curly Hair Stylist

Natural Curly Hair

Have Natural Curly Hair? Curl Life Salon Can Help With Amazing Natural Hair Products!

Natural curly hair is the gift that can keep on gifting, so long as you know how to work with it! From amazing natural hair products to the best curly hair styling services in Minnesota, Tracy Kurtz  at  Curl Life Salon Suite, located  inside Salons by JC in Waite Park is uniquely suited to help you with your hair goals.

Are you ready to revitalize your naturally curly hair?

Key Hair Services by Curl Life Salon

As you step through the front doors of the Curl Life Salon Studio Suite, you will be welcomed by Tracy Kurtz, founder of Curl Life Salon, a certified Deva Advanced Stylist,  Head Shape Matters, Curly Hair Artistry, Curl by Curl professional.

Let's highlight a few of our favorite services below!


  • Custom Curl Cut — Returning or New guests to the Curl Life Salon can enjoy a Custom Curl Cut with Tracy. Prices may vary based on the needs of curls with most sessions lasting between 2 -3 hours.

  • Express Curl Cut — Want to get in and get out without a wash? This Dry Cut option is fantastic for returning curly-haired guests who have had a haircut in at least four to five months.

  • Assorted Color and Dimension Services — While your cut is integral, color and dimension are equally important. All color services will vary based upon the color, length, and density of your hair.

Revitalize Your Natural Curly Hair Today!

Based out of Waite Park, MN, Curl Life Salon was established by Tracy Kurtz to provide better hairstyling services to individuals with beautiful and naturally curly hair. Tracy would train under Lorraine Massey to earn her Curl by Curl Certification. Now a decorated professional with DevaCurl Certification as an Advanced Stylist, along with certifications to Head Shape Matters, Curly Hair Artistry, Cut it Kinky, and Precision Curl Cuts. Tracy is ready to bring YOUR hair dreams into reality.

Contact Curl Life Salon today for the best natural hair products and affordable curly hair styling services in the region.

Dry Cut Curly Hair

Dry Cut Curly Hair 101: Benefits of Dry Cutting Your Curls!

When was the last time that you treated yourself to a special haircut? If you've spent the last year in quarantine, now is the perfect time to explore curl cuts  at Curl Life Salon. Founded by Tracy Kurtz and located inside Salons by JC in Waite Park, MN, Curl Life Salon aims to connect its clients with the curl cuts they need to look and feel their best.

Today, let's explore how dry cut curly hair services can boost your looks, refresh your hair, and leave you glowing after your appointment.

The Benefits of Dry Cut Curly Hair

Working with a hairstylist requires putting your trust in their professional skills. One way that you can enjoy a professional cut without any anxiety is through the dry cutting of your curly hair. This is an effective service and one sought out for both stylistic and technical reasons. Let's look at a few different ways dry cut curly hair can leave you looking your best.


  • Controlled Curl Cuts — One of the biggest hurdles that a stylist will have to overcome when dealing with curly hair is guesswork. Wet hair is typically going to be longer, straighter, and less filled out than the same hair when it is dry. Dry cutting removes any potential guesses on how the curls will play out.

  • Post-Salon Aesthetic — When clients come to Curl Life Salon for a dry-cutting service under Tracy Kurtz, they get to leave with that post-salon look they know and love. Dry cuts are the closest thing to our own home preparation that salons like Curl Life can provide.

  • Healthier For Your Hair — Finally, wet hair tends to behave more fragile while moist. A wet cut requires consistent combing which can lead to breakage for curly hair. A dry cut minimizes your cutting experience, allowing for a healthier finish.

Are you ready to enjoy curl cuts your way? Call Curl Life Salon, today!

Dry Cut Curly Hair
Innersense Organic Beauty

Innersense Organic Beauty

Unveil Your Frizz Free Curls With Innersense Organic Beauty Products!

Dealing with curly hair can be as frustrating as it can be rewarding. With the proper care and treatment, frizz free curls can give you the look you desire without any of the complications that come along with it. One of the best ways to gain control of your curly hair is by working with a Curl Specialist stylist like Tracy Kurtz of Curl Life Salon!

Curly Hair Products To Revitalize Your Hair

Curl Life Salon was established by Tracy Kurtz to provide winning services to those who need them. From frizzy curls to trouble finding the right styling products, Tracy has trained and developed her business around solving your problems! Let's explore a few reasons why you should head to Curl Life Salon for all of your hair care solutions.


  • Professional Hair Care Products — More than just a salon, Curl Life offers professional  Innersense Organic Beauty  and Cult + King products at affordable prices. These professional styling products can give you the frizz free curls that you've been dreaming about. Natural and certified organic hair care lines to nourish and moisturize thirsty curls. These are the best water soluble products on the market today.

  • Convenient Refills — Thanks to the Vagaro Application, customers can refill their Innersence Hairbaths and Conditioner orders and purchase new products from the comfort of their phones.Refilling your empty bottles of Hairbaths and Conditioners is a great way to help save plastic in the oceans, and get a nice discount on your hair care product. Win Win for both you and the environment! Merely call or text Tracy at Curl Life Salon to set up a time and date for product pick up that works best for you.

  • Affordable Styling Services — For the first-time Custom Curl Cut Makeover session, you'll get to learn the ins and outs of the process while receiving exceptional care and education from a professional! After your initial curl cut makeover, you can book Custom Curl Cuts for returning guests, or any other service at your convenience, while receiving the specialized in-depth care that you've been looking for.

  • Coloring and Dimension Services — Turn the hair you have today into the hair that you've been dreaming of! Color and Dimension services using Jack Winn Professional Color line and using  Innersense Organic Beauty or Raw Curls products will give you the highlights and custom colors that you've been looking for.

Find Frizz Free Curls Today at Curl Life Salon!

Curl Life Salon is proud to serve the good folks of Waite Park, MN, and the surrounding areas. Established by Tracy Kurtz, Curl Life Salon seeks to provide winning hair salon services as well as the products necessary to maintain naturally curly hair. Tracy is a passionate stylist who is fascinated by curly hair trends as well as educated by some top teachers in the industry. Tracy is certified as a DevaCurl,  Level 2 Advanced Stylist,  Lorraine Massey Curl by Curl Certified Stylist,as well as certifications with Head Shape Matters, Curly Hair Artistry, Cut it Kinky, and Precision Curl Cuts with Joe Miguel.

Don't fret your curly hair anymore. Find fantastic frizz free curls today at Curl Life Salon! New guests can quickly sign up for an online reservation at their earliest convenience through the Curl Life Salon website. Go to the NEW GUEST page and reserve your spot now!

Cult +King

Treat Your  Curls at Curl Life Salon in Waite Park, MN!

Are you looking to treat your hair with the care that it deserves? Are you tired of fighting frizz and uncontrollable hair? Curl Life Salon is YOUR place for Cult + King products and affordable curl cuts. Based out of Waite Park, MN, Curl Life Salon has plenty to offer to those looking to rejuvenate their hair.

Why Should YOU Try Cult + King?

While curly hair has always been fashionable, the hairstyle requires a little extra work to remain manageable. At Curl Life Salon, shoppers can find their way to a host of Cult + King products to help keep their hair in shape. Cult + King is a natural, certified organic hair care line that won't leave build up, or residue in your hair, leaving your curls shiny and bouncy. From Cult + King Jelly to a Tonik Leave-In Conditioner, you will find what you need to keep your curls looking perfect.

When it comes time to schedule an actual styling or curl cut service, make sure to head to the NEW CUSTOMER page at Curl Life Salon. 

Cult +King
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