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I Can't Wait
to Meet You

Let our journey together begin.

Step One

Peruse my About Me page to get to know me, my skills, my business,

and how I can serve you. 

Step Two

Learn about my 6 week  booking process on how to schedule an appointment, and what your salon experience will be like

Step Three

Select 1 of the 2 options for a New Guest to best address your needs and curl goals. Once you made  your selection, simply  hit the book now button to complete the final steps to securing your appointment.

Raw Curls
Natural Curly Hair
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If you have any questions about booking your first appointment with me, please see my FAQ.

The Pre-Visit

How to Reserve Your Appointment?

I would love to help you live your best curl life! To allow for the best booking  options for all guests, I have changed how far out appointments are available. Curl Life's online scheduling system now allows you to book appointments up to 6 WEEKS IN ADVANCE. The scheduling opens weekly, and a new week becomes available once the previous one ends. The scheduling time is random between Friday and Sunday, so make sure to check back frequently if you don't see any availability right away.

You can start your journey by choosing one of either curl services available to you as a new guest. The Curl Life  Curl Awakening Makeover, which is the dry curl cut, with the education to care for your curls, or if your not ready for the curl cut, you can choose the Curl Life Transition Curl Set Makeover without the cut, but still receive the education on caring for your curls.  Start with clicking the " BOOK NOW" button, it will direct you to an online scheduling system. You will receive a confirmation text and email when the reservation has been made. Please do not call or text to schedule an appointment. Use the online booking system for reservations. Please fill in all the information of your first and last name, phone number, email, and address when setting up an account with my booking system. After you have reserved a reservation with me, I will send out a text message to you asking for a picture of your hair as it is currently. This will help me prepare better for your appointment, and I may ask you questions about your hair and hair care needs. If you for some reason can not  send me a picture of your hair, please reach out to me to make other arrangements. This is important for me to prepare for our session together. If I don't receive a response from you after I have reached out to you a couple of times, your appointment may be canceled. 

Click the "Book An Appointment" button will direct you to an online scheduling system. You will receive a confirmation text and/or email  when you book your appointment.  The email will explain how to arrive to your appointment and also my cancellation policy. You will also receive a reminder text 24 hours before your appointment. Please confirm your appointment when that text comes through. By not confirming your reservation, it may result  in a cancelation of your appointment.

 Cant find a time that suits you? As you scroll through the date  and time choices, you'll be able to add yourself to my automated waitlist. Should something become available, you'll receive a notification of that time you chose is available.  Click the "Add to Waitlist" button below the dates. You can add yourself to as many waitlist options as you'd like. *Adding yourself to the waitlist does not guarantee a reserved appointment for the month, or for the following month. Should you chose a date for the waitlist, and that date has passed, your name WILL fall off the waitlist, so add multiple dates/times that will work for your scheduling needs.

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The Consultation

Seeing a new stylist can be stressful and hard to trust. My number one priority is listening to you so that you feel comfortable and confident in your service. I want you to get what you want AND love your hair.  During your consultation, we will have a  conversation  about your hair, products you currently use, hair  history,  lifestyle, and hair  goals.

We will also go over the importance of proper cleansing, detoxing, scalp care, and the importance of using certified, organic, plant based, water soluble products. We will also discuss the importance of diffusing the curls versus air drying, and the right kind of stylers best suited for your hair needs, and your specific styling desires.

 Its a priority to me to educate, encourage, and support what is best for you and your curl needs. 

During our session together we will also cover topics such as  how to apply product to the hair to reduce frizz and have lift and volume, sleeping at night to help reduce frizz for second, third, or more days with your curls, and refreshing the curls, to help save time for morning routines.

I will also be taking pictures of you, and your hair for before and after pictures. At Curl Life Salon, I want to celebrate beautiful hair, so I ask that all clients agree to my photo release of capturing your before and after hair, and allowing me to use on my site, social media platform marketing purposes at my discretion. Please let me know if you would prefer to keep your face hidden. I will be happy to honor your request. 

Hair Services For New Guest

Curl  Life Curl Awakening Makeover   $175  3 Hours

A dry, curl by curl cut™. This service is REQUIRED for new customers to me, even if you have had curly cuts in the past at other curl focus salons, you are new to me,  or for customers wanting a refresh on education! This service includes a 10-15 minute consultation, a customized dry curl cut, a deep curl detox to remove surface build up, environmental build up and to remove  metals and minerals from the water out of the hair, a curl cleanse and hydration session,  and an in depth lesson on how to style your curls at home. You'll also receive a fun gift bag with some accessories to make your Curl Life easier.


Curl Life  Curl Transition Makeover   $155  2.5 Hours

This service includes the same services as the Curl Awakening Makeover, but without the curl cut. This service is great for those guest who want to learn how to care for their curls themselves for at home, or if your wanting a lesson refresher. This is a great introductory to learning to how to care for your curls, and the first step in learning about the Curly Girl Method. Also a great service for those who are unsure if they are ready to take the plunge to get the Curl Life's Signature Cut. This is not an upstyle or for formal occasions.



How to arrive to your Appointment


Arrive with ponytail, bun, twist out, roller-set, curling iron set, curl former, etc., or any style that stretches or changes your natural curl pattern



Brush, pick, or comb your hair out the day of your appointment.


Style your hair with products that are  excessively sticky or greasy/oily. For Example, SHEA BUTTER OR COCONUT or any oil. Also avoid any products heavy with perfume or fragrance.


​ DO

Cleanse, condition and style your hair (with product), wearing your hair down, part your hair where your part most of the time, the day of your appointment. Have your hair tangle free.


Have your hair thoroughly dry.


Come with an open mind and ready to accept and love your curls in all its natural glory!!!


*PLEASE NOTE, I ask that you refrain from making multiple appointments on the same day with your first time Custom Curl Cut Makeover. Any additional appointments made on same day appointment may result in a cancellation of additional appointments. Additional appointments such as Pintura Hi-light, Foils or Color should be made on a different day AFTER you have been seen for your first time Custom Curl Cut Makeover.

Getting a Haircut
Frizz Free Curls

After Goodbye

 I take pride in helping you feel confident and empowered about your curls. When you leave the salon, it will take time and practice to master setting  your curls. So please, be patient with your curls and yourself. There will be a transitioning stage you will go through as your curls acclimate to your new routine. You will go home with instructions of everything we go over, so you wont be left in the dark. I know its overwhelming at times because of all the information we discuss , and I'm here for you if you have further questions. I  only carry organic styling products that  I recommend to be the  best products for your hair texture and curl. I will support you through the transitions to meet your hair goals in a healthy way including a maintenance plan of action, hair products to help support your style, and you may text any questions you may  have to me about your hair.  I want you to leave your appointment loving your new curl cut, understanding your specific hair needs, and with new or improved confidence. 

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