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  • How do I make an appointment?
    ​Curl Life only schedules appointments online. Prebooking your appointment is unavailable. Curl Life's online scheduling is open 6 weeks at all times. You can reserve your appointment needs anytime throughout the 6 weeks until all appointments are filled. If there are no appointments available, check back often to see if any cancellations may have happened, or add yourself to the waitlist . Every week, a new week will open for availability. You can add yourself to the waitlist. *Adding yourself to the waitlist does not guarantee a reserved appointment. Appointments fill quickly, especially New Guest appointments as they are limited. You can follow on social media (Facebook and Instagram) for updates if any. ​
  • How do I know that my appointment was reserved?
    If you DO NOT receive a confirmation by either an email or text message, there is NO APPOINTMENT reserved or saved for you. Please complete the booking online by clicking the box that you agree to the cancelation policy, and then clicking the "BOOK" button. You should receive a text message of the appointment and and email that the appointment was made as long as you allowed the system to send you emails and messages. ​ ​
  • Where are you located?
    My salon suite is located inside of Salons by JC Suites. I'm in Suite #13. The address is 132 Division Street Waite Park, Mn. Our building shares with a business called Play it again Sports, and we are in front of the Goodwill building.
  • What is a Custom Curl Cut?
    A Custom Curl Cut is a customized, curl by curl, dry cutting method for wavy, curly/spiral and coily hair, following the shape of the head, avoiding the dreadful pyramid shape to the hair, or leaving a "shelf" look to the layers. I utilize different cutting methods from education from DevaCurl®, Curly Hair Artistry, Curl by Curl™, Cut it Kinky, Precision Curl Cut or Head Shape Matters to customize your cut, according to your natural curl pattern, and head shape.
  • What is a Custom Curl Cut Makeover?
    This is the  first appointment to receive when you are new to me. It  is the first step in embracing your curl journey! This service begins with a 10-15 minute consultation. During the consultation, we will map out not just your first visit, but maintenance and long term goals. Following the consultation, is the customized Curl by Curl cut. After the cut is complete, a curl detox is done to remove build up that is weighing down the curls, and blocking moisture from hydrating the hair. We will then do a cleansing and hydration session, and an in depth lesson on how to style your curls at home. You'll also receive a goodie bag with accessories to make your Curl Life easier!
  • What is an Express cut?
    An Express Cut is an option for returning guests who need a reshaping from their previous Custom Curl Cut with me within the last 4-5 months. This is also a dry, curl by curl cut that is for maintaining current shape. This is not a service for a new shape or for drastic length taken off. If your looking to remove excess length of 4 inches or more, please reserve an appointment for a Custom Curl Cut ( for returning guests)
  • I'm new to your salon, What kind of appointments do I make?
    A new guest that has NOT seen me for an appointment before should reserve an appointment called the Custom Curl Cut Makeover if they are wanting a curl cut and the education to care for their curls. If your not ready to get the curl cut, but still want the education to caring and styling your curls, make a reservation for a Wash and Curl Set Makeover. ​
  • How do I arrive to my appointment for my Custom Curl Cut or Express Cut?
    How do I arrive to my appointment for my Custom Curl Cut or Express Cut? ​ It's important for me to see your natural curl pattern, in it's best state, (day 1 hair), so that I can cut the curls accordingly to where they live on the head. Please arrive with freshly clean, tangle fee, completely dry hair. DON'T Arrive with ponytail, bun, twist out, roller-set, curling iron set, curl former, etc, or any style that stretches or changes your natural curl pattern DON'T Brush, pick, or comb your hair out the day of your appointment. ​ DON'T Style your hair with products that are excessively sticky or greasy/oily. For Example, SHEA BUTTER OR COCONUT or any oil. Also avoid any products heavy with perfume or fragrance. ​ DO Cleanse, condition and style your hair (with product), wearing your hair down, part your hair where your part most of the time, the day of your appointment. Have your hair tangle free. ​ DO Have your hair thoroughly dry. ​ DO Come with an open mind and ready to accept and love your curls in all its natural glory!!!
  • What are Curl Lites?
    Curl Lites also known as Pintura ,Gentle on hair, a seamless grow-out, fully customized to your curls! Each curl are hand painted curl by curl, highlights or lowlights specifically formulated and placed for curly hair, to give bright dimensional, ribbons of color that "POP"
  • What products do you carry? ​
    Curl Life offers professional Innersense Organic Beauty, Cult + King, and Iuveni products at affordable prices. These professional styling products can give you the frizz free curls that you've been dreaming about. Natural and certified organic hair care lines to nourish and moisturize thirsty curls. These are the best water soluble products on the market today. Sulphate, silicone, paraben, parfum or artificial fragrance free. Curl Life also carries some of the Curly World line, K-18, and Malibu Undoo Goo Clarifying shampoo.
  • I'm Trying to book online but it isn't allowing me even though it says there is availability?
    Online booking scheduler allows booking depending on how long the service will be. If it is not allowing you to book, please select another day/ time. ​
  • Do you have a waitlist?
    Yes! You can add yourself to my online waitlist. When you are online with the booking system, the scheduler will give you the option to book an appointment, or add to the waitlist. Click "add to waitlist" you will see the date your requesting to have an appointment for, and you select the time that best suits your needs. You can the n add multiple days/ times by clicking the "+ Add Waitlist & Date" button. Another date will pop up, and again it will ask you to select a time. You can add up to 4 dates/times. ​
  • I cant find a time that works for me on-line!
    All of the times listed on Vagaro are what I have available - there are no appointments hiding! If your not seeing a time/date that works for you, add yourself to the waitlist, or wait a week when a new week opens for availability to reserve an appointment . Check back often for any possible cancelations.
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