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Tracy Kurtz

Well hello, I'm

Tracy Kurtz

Virtual Hug! I can't wait to meet you! Listen,  we both know that seeing a new stylist can be scary, especially when it comes to trusting someone with our beautiful crown of curls to get it right, so let me help ease the nerves! I'm a curly girl from  a small  rural town of Tyler, Mn, living in St. Cloud Mn, as a Curly Hair Specialist, Salon Suite Owner, Curl Coach,  Curl Obsessed, Curl Enthusiast, Day Maker, Curl Friend!!

Growing up as a  child in the 80's, getting your hair done was a BIG deal! And so was your hair!! And being a curly hair kid, my hair was always poofy, choppy ,uneven layers or that dreadful triangle sitting on top of my head! My mom, not realizing my natural curl potential, would perm my hair at home to "fix" my hair only to make it worse! Can you relate? Those awkward school pictures? We've all been there... Right?

I have been in the hair industry for 24 years, and  even as a conventional stylist, before knowing that specializing in curls was a thing, I would encourage my clients to go curly and embrace their curls even when the popular style was to straighten or smooth their hair with a blow out or a flat iron. I've always cheered for the curly haired person!!!

Specializing in curls fell in my lap when a guest sitting in my chair asked me about the "Deva Curl Cut."  I've heard of the products, but I didn't know there was a special curl cut that went with it. I had to know more!!! I've always been good at cutting curly hair, I was always the go to stylist for curls at salons I worked at using conventional techniques, but then once I learned the Deva Cut, everything changed and  I had to know more!

A fire was lit inside of me, and  a new passion to learn all about curls, that I've never felt before! I knew that this is what I was meant to do in this industry. My True North! This led me to seeking varying methods of cutting and caring for curly hair!!

I have trained with some of the top curl specialist in the world, the creator of the Curl by Curl ™ cut by Lorraine Massey, Scott Musgrave and Loni Lafinier to name a few, and Certified in:

Deva Curl Level 1 Inspired Stylist

Deva Curl Level  2Advanced Stylist

Curly Hair Artistry (MAP Method)

 Lorraine Masseys Curl by Curl™ 

Cut It Kinky 

Joe Miguel Precision Curl Cut

Head Shape Matters

I love education and always keeping up with the latest techniques for curly hair.

I've designed my studio suite salon experience in a way that will leave you feeling empowered, uplifted, confident and more knowledgeable about caring for your curls than you've ever felt before . I believe in making sure you know the "WHY" of what your doin to your hair and the "HOW". You will leave with excitement, knowledge, and even an extra bounce in your step as you walk out  to your car!

Tracy Kurtz
Tracy and Jason

When I'm not behind the chair, I'm spending my days at home with Jason, my best friend and husband of 11 years, and my 2  adorable little fur babies Chloe and Kira.  They are hilarious little miniature pinschers that bring us so much joy!

I love music, singing, and dancing in my kitchen, I love to bellydance, and have been a part of a few bellydance groups in local area as well as in the Twin Cities..maybe you've seen me perform before. There is always music playing somewhere!! I'm a huge Renaissance fanatic! Once upon a time, I worked at fest as an apprentice to a belly dance group that was out there on one of the main stages!! I enjoy taking care of the plant life that resides in my home, spending time with family, whether its snuggling with my pups, camping, boating , watching a Broadway play, or a good movie! I am a Star Wars Nerd! Princes Leia was my Princess!! And  80's movies are the best! Can we say "GOONIES" without knowing who "One Eye Willy" is? I love car races, we own our own Mopar car, a 2016 Dodge Challenger, with a Hemi Shaker Hood,  Yes, its name is BABY!!! Like in the show  Supernatural, cause it's one of my favorite shows.(Jensen Ackles  is my celebrity crush, so is Jason Momoa, but that's a different topic!!!!) So if I can get it on a race car track that would be so much fun!!

If you're a curly girl, or guy, struggling with your curls, and don't mind a little bit of swearing, I would love to meet you, help you understand your curls and live your best CURL LIFE!  Hope to see you soon!!


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