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Dry Cut Curly Hair

Dry Cut Curly Hair 101: Benefits of Dry Cutting Your Curls!

When was the last time that you treated yourself to a special haircut? If you've spent the last year in quarantine, now is the perfect time to explore curl cuts with the team at Curl Life Salon. Founded by Tracy Kurtz and located in St. Cloud, MN, Curl Life Salon aims to connect its clients with the curl cuts they need to look and feel their best.

Today, let's explore how dry cut curly hair services can boost your looks, refresh your hair, and leave you glowing after your appointment.

The Benefits of Dry Cut Curly Hair

Working with a hairstylist requires putting your trust in their professional skills. One way that you can enjoy a professional cut without any anxiety is through the dry cutting of your curly hair. This is an effective service and one sought out for both stylistic and technical reasons. Let's look at a few different ways dry cut curly hair can leave you looking your best.

  • Controlled Curl Cuts — One of the biggest hurdles that a stylist will have to overcome when dealing with curly hair is guesswork. Wet hair is typically going to be longer, straighter, and less filled out than the same hair when it is dry. Dry cutting removes any potential guesses on how the cut will play out.

  • Post-Salon Aesthetic — When clients come to Curl Life Salon for a dry-cutting service under Tracy Kurtz, they get to leave with that post-salon look they know and love. Dry cuts are the closest thing to our own home preparation that salons like Curl Life can provide.

  • Healthier For Your Hair — Finally, wet hair tends to behave more fragile while moist. A wet cut requires consistent combing which can lead to breakage for curly hair. A dry cut minimizes your cutting experience, allowing for a healthier finish.


Are you ready to enjoy curl cuts your way? Call Curl Life Salon LLC, today!

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