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Innersense Organic Beauty

Unveil Your Frizz Free Curls With Innersense Organic Beauty Products!

Dealing with curly hair can be as frustrating as it can be rewarding. With the proper care and treatment, frizz free curls can give you the look you desire without any of the complications that come along with it. One of the best ways to gain control of your curly hair is by working with a  Curly Hair-certified stylist like Tracy Kurtz of Curl Life Salon!

Curly Hair Products To Revitalize Your Hair

Curly Hair Salon was established by Tracy Kurtz to provide winning services to those who need them. From frizzy curls to trouble finding the right styling products, Tracy has trained and developed her business around solving your problems! Let's explore a few reasons why you should head to Curl Life Salon for all of your hair care solutions.

  • Professional Hair Care Products — More than just a salon, Curl Life offers professional  Innersense Organic Beauty and Cult-N-King products at affordable prices. These professional styling products can give you the frizz free curls that you've been dreaming about.

  • Convenient Refills — Thanks to the Vagaro Application, customers can refill their orders and purchase new products from the comfort of their phones. Merely call or text Tracy at Curl Life Salon to set up a time and date that works best for you.

  • Affordable Styling Services — For the first-time curly hair styling session, you'll get to learn the ins and outs of the process while receiving exceptional care from a professional! After your initial hair cut and consultation, you can order Custom Curl Cuts at your convenience while receiving the specialized in-depth care that you've been looking for.

  • Coloring and Dimension Services — Turn the hair you have today into the hair that you've been dreaming of! Color and Dimension services with Deva Curl and Innersense Organic Beauty products will give you the highlights and custom colors that you've been looking for.


Find Frizz Free Curls Today at Curl Life Salon!

Curl Life Salon is proud to serve the good folks of St. Cloud, MN, and the surrounding areas. Established by Tracy Kurtz, Curl Life Salon seeks to provide winning hair salon services as well as the products necessary to maintain naturally curly hair. Tracy is a passionate stylist who is fascinated by curly hair trends as well as educated by some top teachers in the industry. Tracy is certified as a DevaCurl Level 1 Inspired Stylist, a DevaCurl Level 2 Advanced Stylist, as well as a Lorraine Massey Curl by Curl Certified Stylist. Along with Joe Miguel Precision Curl Cut, Head Shape Matters, and Cut It Kinky Certifications.

Don't fret your curly hair anymore. Find fantastic frizz free curls today at Curl Life Salon! New guests can quickly sign up for an online reservation at their earliest convenience through the Curl Life Salon website.

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