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Curly Hair Stylist

Visit Curl Life Salon For the BEST Curly Hair Stylist in Minnesota!

Naturally curly hair can be as beautiful as it is frustrating. Most people don't realize it, but those luscious curly locks that you see on television don't prepare themselves! For individuals with natural and curly hair, finding support from a curly hair stylist can make all the difference in the world.


Curl Life Salon is a curly hair salon based out of St. Cloud, Minnesota. Established by Tracy Kurtz and certified with training under Lorraine Massey, Curl Life Salon seeks to provide the ultimate curly hair services to clients throughout the region.

Let's take some time to look at a few ways that our favorite curly hair salon can help rejuvenate and refresh our appearance!

Custom Curls Enjoyed YOUR Way

Tracy Kurtz is a Curl by Curl Certified hair stylist with experience in several areas of the industry. After having spent years dedicated to curl classes and the latest industry trends, Tracy is proud to offer custom cuts to all of her returning clients. With a focus on education as well as high-quality service, Tracy endeavors to make your appointment as revitalizing as it is enlightening.

Cutting curly hair can be a horror story in the making but when you work with Curl Life Salon, you'll quickly find that isn't the case. Instead, guests at Curl Life Salon will get to enjoy the following benefits!

  • Custom Curl Cuts — Dry curl cutting is a great way to get an accurate cut that fits your expectations. After undergoing your initial session, you can request custom curl cuts going forward. Remove the guesswork out of your hair while making your life easier!

  • Curl-focused Products — Take a moment to visit the curly hair salon store, and you'll find a selection of the best curl-related hair products on the market. Control your flow with Deva Curl products!

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