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Hello Curls

I help  professional women embrace their curls and feel empowered to embrace and love their natural curls everyday by educating them with easy hair care routines.

- Kind Words -

- Bre Gonli

I originally went in for a detox only because I've been using all the wrong products for my entire life. I've always wanted curly hair and after the detox she was able to work some magic. I have natural curl! She was so patient and hilarious. Talked me through everything and showed me how to do everything! Highly recommend this salon for anyone with curly hair!

- Whitney Berg

If you are looking for THE expert for curly girl hair. Then you have come to the right place. Tracy has all 5 star review for a reason. First her website explains the entire process and prepares you for what to expect. Then she really gets to know you and your routine, educates you along the way and provides any knowledge you may be missing on that curly girl vocabulary. Literally start to finish was a 5 star review. She makes you feel like a million bucks. And a bonus at the end is that her photography skills are on point, leaving you with a great photo to show everyone! I'm sending every curly girl I know to Tracy! And I'll be back for sure.

- Kayla Clark

Tracy is absolutely amazing and so kind. She truly brought my curls to life and I am forever grateful for that. It is nice to know someone in the area who is educated about curly hair and can give all curly girls and guys the how-to. She takes her time on your hair and educates you throughout the entire process. A huge plus is that her salon suite is a relaxing environment as well. I highly recommend her services and cannot wait to visit her again in the near future!

- Janet Notardonato

I've never had a haircut and style like the one from Tracy. She is amazing. A friend of mine referred me and I traveled from Chicago to see her because she’s THAT good. I now have a new relationship with my fresh curls and I love it. Thank you for the whole experience!

- Jacki Schwab

Amazing!!! I started my curl journey watching YouTube videos and have been focused on the best products to apply and how. Let me tell stop wasting your time and money, Tracy is where it’s at! She teaches not just how and what to apply but WHY. I struggled to find a stylist that knew about curly hair and I’m so glad I waited the two months to meet Tracy!!! Oh did I tell you about the compliments? Even on day five days 🤩. Book with her today, she will not disappoint. Her bubbly personality, knowledge and genuine interest to help you look your best got me - I’m hooked! I received a great value for all the shared knowledge and also think her product pricing is on mark - even better than Amazon! I don’t have to question if the product is what it says it is and why not buy local? We need Tracy so support her business!!! 💕💕

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Popular Services

 Curl Life Curl Awakening Makeover

This service is for NEW GUESTS  who have  natural curly hair, who never been to see me before, even if you have had curly cuts in the pasts with other curl salons, you are new to me, please reserve this service first before reserving any other services with me.  Curl Life Awakening Makeover is the perfect treatment for new guests with curly hair. This specialized service is designed to bring life back to dry, lifeless curls, while adding moisture and definition. It's a must-have for anyone looking to spruce up their ringlets, and receive knowledge on  HOW to care for your curls.

 Curl Life Signature Revival Cut 

This service is for  guests retuning back to me. You are my loyal guests, and have learned how to master their styling techniques to get frizz free curls when setting their curls.

Curl Life Express Cut

This is  a service for guest returning back to me, who have already learned, or are still in the process of  mastering  their curl set, and who need a quick maintenance  curl cut, with out getting their hair washed or styled.

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Salon by JC Suites

132 Division Street Suite #13


Mon : 11-5

Tues: 11-6

Thurs & Fri: 10 AM - 4PM
Sat & Sun: CLOSED

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(507) 412-9639

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