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Natural Curly Hair

Have Natural Curly Hair? Curl Life Salon Can Help With Amazing Natural Hair Products!

Natural curly hair is the gift that can keep on gifting, so long as you know how to work with it! From amazing natural hair products to the best curly hair styling services in Minnesota, Tracy Kurtz and the team at Curl Life Salon are uniquely suited to help you with your hair goals.

Are you ready to revitalize your naturally curly hair?

Key Hair Services by Curl Life Salon

As you step through the front doors of the Curl Life Salon, you will be welcomed by a passionate team of curly hair specialists. Leading the way is founder Tracy Kurtz, a certified Advanced Stylist and Head Shape Matters professional.

Let's highlight a few of our favorite services below!

  • Custom Curl Cut — Return guests to the Curl Life Salon can enjoy a Custom Curl Cut with Tracy. Prices vary based on the length and density of curls with most sessions lasting between 2 and 2.5 hours.

  • Express Curl Cut — Want to get in and get out without a wash? This Dry Cut option is fantastic for curly-haired guests who haven't had a haircut in at least three months.

  • Assorted Color and Dimension Services — While your cut is integral, color and dimension are equally important. All color services will vary based upon the color, length, and density of your hair.


Revitalize Your Natural Curly Hair Today!

Based out of St. Cloud, MN, Curl Life Salon was established by Tracy Kurtz to provide better hairstyling services to individuals with beautiful and naturally curly hair. Tracy would train under Lorraine Massey to earn her Curl by Curl Certification. Now a decorated professional with DevaCurl Certification as an Inspired and Advanced Stylist, Tracy is ready to bring YOUR hair dreams into reality.

Contact Curl Life Salon today for the best natural hair products and affordable curly hair styling services in the region.

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