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Cult +King

Treat Your  Curls at Curl Life Salon in Waite Park, MN!

Are you looking to treat your hair with the care that it deserves? Are you tired of fighting frizz and uncontrollable hair? Curl Life Salon is YOUR place for Cult + King products and affordable curl cuts. Based out of Waite Park, MN, Curl Life Salon has plenty to offer to those looking to rejuvenate their hair.

Why Should YOU Try Cult + King?

While curly hair has always been fashionable, the hairstyle requires a little extra work to remain manageable. At Curl Life Salon, shoppers can find their way to a host of Cult + King products to help keep their hair in shape. Cult + King is a natural, certified organic hair care line that won't leave build up, or residue in your hair, leaving your curls shiny and bouncy. From Cult + King Jelly to a Tonik Leave-In Conditioner, you will find what you need to keep your curls looking perfect.

When it comes time to schedule an actual styling or curl cut service, make sure to head to the NEW CUSTOMER page at Curl Life Salon. 

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