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What is a Custom Curl Cut?

A Custom Curl Cut is a customized, curl by curl, dry cutting method for wavy,curly/spiral and coily hair, following the shape of the head, avoiding the dreadful pyramid shape to the hair. I utilize different cutting methods from education from DevaCurl®, Curly Hair Artistry, Curl by Curl™, and Cut it Kinky to customize your cut, according to your natural curl pattern.

Are you feeling frustrated with dry, frizzy curls? Do you think you have some kind of texture to your hair, but you just don't know what to so to bring it to life? Are you ready to fall in love with your own uniqueness and natural hair? If you said yes, you've come to the right place!













A Custom Curl Cut Makeover is the first step in embracing your curl journey! This service begins with a 10-15 minute consultation. During the consultation, we will map out not just your first visit, but maintenance and long term goals. Following the consultation, is the customized Curl by Curl cut. After the cut is complete, a curl detox is done to remove build up that is weighing down the curls, and blocking moisture from hydrating the hair. We will then do a cleansing and hydration session,and an in depth lesson on how to style your curls at home. You'll also receive a goodie bag with accessories to make your Curl Life easier! 

                                    2½-3 hours  $120+


Not ready to make the leap for a Custom Curl Cut Makeover! That's OK! You can schedule for a Wash and Set Makeover! This will be everything in the Custom Curl Cut Makeover, but without the cut! This is a great introductory to learning how to care for your curls, and the learning about the Curly Girl Method.

                                     1½ hours     $80 


How should you arrive to your appointment?

It's important for me to see your natural curl pattern, in it's best state, (day 1 hair), so that I can cut the curls accordingly to where they live on the head. Please arrive with freshly clean, tangle fee, completely dry hair. Please refrain from products that will make the hair sticky, or stiff, as I do not use a comb or brush during the service. It's OK to use minimal products. Please avoid using oils, as it coats the  hair and makes it difficult cutting the hair. Wear your hair down, please no pony tails, headbands, hats, or clips, as this can  pull your curl pattern out of its natural state.


*Please note, I ask that you refrain from making multiple appointments on the same day with your first time Custom Curl Cut Makeover. Any additional appointments made on same day appointment may result in a cancellation of additional appointments. Additional appointments such as Pintura Hi-light, or Color should be made after you have been seen for your first time Custom Curl Cut Makeover.

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